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L3e EEC/COC Approval Electric Motorcycle With Dual Lithium Battery Version

Short Description:

Professional Manufactured by Lima EV Group in Taizhou, with Lima patent design, L3e EEC/COC approval Electric motorcycle with Dual Lithium battery version, high speed as 125cc motorcycle, Lima design Electric motorcycle for city transportation and public sharing, with L3e EEC/COC for European market, Two Removable Lithium battery, with 80 km/h speed licence plate. 125cc motorcycle performance, 12 inch tubeless tyre size, and disc brake with CBS, ECO/ FAST speed level, European quality level electric roller, 2 years global warranty, USB socket and helmet box.

Product Detail

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Lima Electric motorcycle for the City transportation and public sharing, with max.80 km/h speed, with Two Removable Lithium battery, with 125cc motorcycle performance, this simple style Lima design is suitable for different customers who want charge at home and drive with max. 160kms long range, best use for city officer and long range distance.

Product advantage of this Professional Manufactured Electric motorcycle

1, European L3e EEC approval of this electric motorcycle, with Dual removable Lithium battery versions, max.80 km/h speed and 160kms range distance.

2, European safety design in field use,

3, Safety portable Lithium battery with light weight and high performance, more than 3 years long cycle life.

4, High-tech fashion outlook design and digital LCD display, with reomte control system.

5, USB port charge socket for mobil phone charge use.

6, High safety performance disc brake,including CBS brake system.

7, Option for big storage rear top helmet box.

8, High-beam LED lights offering top safety for light driving.

9. High-tech Dual Lithium battery system help you to drive with longest distance.

10. Hudge storage space for the helmet.

Approval L3e EEC
Battery: Max. 72V52Ah Lithium battery (Removable)
Motor Power: 3,000W Motor
Max Speed: 80 km/h
Max Range: 80-160 km / 1 person (80kg)
Climbing capacity: 30% (1 person,80kg)
Battery Weight: 14kgs (72v26Ah Lithium)
Battery Types: 18650 Lithium battery
Battery charging time: 4.5 Hours
Battery life: 800 cycles
Meter Type: Digital LCD
Brakes(Front/Rear): Front Disc brake& Rear Disc brake (with CBS)
Shock Absorber(Front/Rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic
Tire Size(Front/Rear): Fr.100/60-12"/ Rr.100/60-12" Tubeless Tyre
Product Dimensions: 1785*710*1100mm
Wheelbase: 1285mm
Max Loading: 150kg
Net Weight: 80kg (Without battery)
Packing size: 1800*570*860mm (85% SKD)
Container loading qty.: 24pcs/20GP ; 84pcs/40HQ

Method of Selection

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