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Lima Electric Motorcycle EM12, With Lima Patent Design

Short Description:

Lima electric motorcycle EM12, with Lima patent design, with 72V GEL battery version, Lima design Electric motorcycle for sporty city transportation. 125cc moped performance, 12 inch tubeless tyre size, and disc brake, ECO/ FAST speed level, 2 years global warranty, USB socket and helmet box.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Lima sporty design Electric motorcycle for the City transportation, the most love by young people, nice Lima design is suitable for different customers.

Product advantage of this Professional Manufactured Electric motorcycle.

1, Electric motorcycle with 72V battery versions, max.70 km/h speed and 70kms range distance.

2, Most safety design in field use for 2 person drive.

3, High-performance electric motorcycle type.

4, High-tech fashion outlook design and big-size digital LCD display, with the remote control system.

5, USB port charge socket for mobile phone charge use.

6, High safety performance disc brake system.

7, High-beam LED lights offering top safety for light driving.

Battery: 72V20Ah Gel battery
Motor Power: 2,000W Motor
Max Speed: 70 km/h
Max Range: 70 km/ 1 person (80kg)
Climbing capacity: 25% (1 person,80kg)
Battery Weight: 42kgs
Battery Types: Gel battery
Battery charging time: 8 Hours
Battery life: 400 cycles
Meter Type: Digital LCD
Brakes(Front/Rear): Front Disc brake & Rear Disc brake
Shock Absorber(Front/Rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic
Tire Size(Front/Rear): Fr. 110/70-13" Rr. 110/70-12" Tubeless Tyre
Product Dimensions: 1860*720*1120mm
Wheelbase: 1300mm
Max Loading: 150kg
Net Weight: 80kg (Without battery)
Packing size: 1700 x 560 x 840mm (85% SKD)
Container loading qty.: 26pcs/20GP ; 84pcs/40HQ

Use Maintenance Methods

1. do not bring people. Because the battery capacity of electric bicycle is not large, the motor power is not high, so the general load of electric bicycle is about 80kg (including the rider), if riding with people, it is bound to increase the load of the motor, accelerate the battery consumption, thus reducing the service life of the battery motor, and also violates the provisions of traffic laws and regulations.

2. When riding uphill, on the bridge and against the wind, power and manpower should be used at the same time to reduce the load of batteries and motors. Riding method when starting: General electric bicycles have zero start function, that is, open the switch when stationary, turn the speed control and turn the car to start driving. However, the starting current at this time is two to three times that of normal driving, which has a great impact on the motor and the battery, especially the battery. Therefore, in order to extend the mileage of a charge and the service life of the battery, the pedal should be started first when starting, when the pedal three or four laps have a certain speed, and then connected to the circuit, this is especially important in the busy traffic, traffic lights of the lot. Frequent zero start is bound to shorten the battery life.

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