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7 Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Motorcycle

Just a few years ago, buying a motorcycle only involved two key decisions: Determining the type of bike (tourer, cruiser, or super sport) and the number of CCs you want. However, time has certainly changed with the addition of EVs. For die-hard internal combustion engine (ICE) riders, the end is here.

In a Harley-Davidson dealership today, you can find both the Harley-Davidson all-electric LiveWire and the Harley-Davidson 883 Iron side by side. But why would anyone choose an electric motorcycle over a traditional bike?

1. Untapped Potential of Electric Motorcycle Technology

Unlike internal combustion motorcycles, electric motorcycles lack the deep growl from the exhaust when you twist the throttle and the rumble you feel from the engine when stopped at a traffic light.

But despite your opinions of electric bikes, you must admit they are on the cutting edge of motorcycle technology. In the past ten years, electric bikes have seen massive research and development poured into them. You can see the result in today's bikes, which are smooth and more refined. Such benefits make electric motorcycles worth buying.

Considering electric motorcycles are in their infancy, there is a lot that can still be discovered and developed. Internal combustion motorcycles have been around since 1885, when inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach built the Daimler Reitwagen in Cannstatt, Germany. Because of their long history, there is little else to be discovered.

2. More Torque

True motorcycle enthusiasts prefer torque over horsepower. Torque is the pull you feel during acceleration and is the best part of any motorcycle ride. Electric motorcycles have torque for days. Anyone who has driven in a Tesla can attest to what EV launch and acceleration feel like.

For example, let's look at the Yamaha WR250R versus the Zero XFS electric motorcycle. In comparison, the WR250R has 30 horsepower and 18-foot pounds of torque, while the Zero XFS has 27 horsepower and 78-foot pounds of torque. From a standstill, the FSX will feel faster even though the Yamaha has more horsepower.

The Zero's acceleration will be radically different and much more fun than the higher horsepower of the Yamaha. This quality alone is enough to make most riders switch to electric motorcycles.

3. Smooth Ride

If you have ever been on a motorcycle, you'll notice the vibration from the bike's engine immediately. The feeling of the engine rumbling and reverberating through the seat and the body may be relished by some, but others may not enjoy it. Despite the incredible torque, electric motorcycles are silently smooth.

Although the motor is practically vibration-free, power is always available when called upon. Having only one gear means no throttle lag or dip in acceleration, only smooth and instantaneous power where and when you need it.

4. Customized Performance Made Simple

Most motorcycles can be changed to maximize power and performance, but electric motorcycles are slightly easier and more efficient. With internal combustion engine motorcycles, this is typically done at your local garage or performance and repair shop.

Electric motorcycles have made this so easy. In fact, you can do it via your mobile device. A motorcycle's mobile app can change things like throttle response, traction control, miles per gallon, and top speed, to name a few. Changing these options will completely transform how the bike performs on the road.

Whether you want more top-end power, torque at the bottom, economy, sport bike characteristics, or cruiser-like performance, all can be achieved with the touch of a finger. The ability to adjust your motorcycle's performance directly from your phone to virtually any desired specification is a really cool feature to have. It's like having multiple bikes all in one. Your money will be well spent.

5. Reliability

The reliability of electric motorcycles is still being evaluated, but it's safe to say they are very reliable. You could even conclude that they are more reliable than internal combustion engine motorcycles because they contain fewer parts. ICE motorcycles contain many complicated parts that can fail and require extensive labor to repair. In comparison, electric motorcycles are very simple.Because of the infancy, there will be obvious kinks that must be addressed, but that is to be expected, and the servicing is not as labor-intensive. Take Tesla, for instance, which travels thousands of miles without problems. The more mature the technology, the more reliable it will be—which is why people love Tesla so much.

6. Service and Maintenance Costs

In order for a traditional internal combustion motorcycle to be long-lasting, several after-purchase requirements need to be taken into consideration. First, maintenance must be done regularly. These maintenance items include changing the oil, oil filter, and coolant.

As previously stated, ICE motorcycles have many moving parts. With all these parts, there is a higher potential for failure and higher costs. Be it adjusting valves, camshaft tensioning, clutch, and transmission repairs, there is plenty to worry about with standard motorcycles. God forbid you blow a piston ring or head gasket.

Such repairs could cost $500 to $1,000 or even more. Luckily, none of these things exist on electric motorcycles. Generally, you will only need to worry about tire and brake wear. Because of regenerative braking, brake pads wear slower than ICE motorcycles. Another benefit is most electric motorcycles are belt driven, meaning you won't even have to worry about chain tensioning either, leaving tires as the only regular thing needing to be changed when worn.

7. Savings on the Back End

Although electric motorcycle technology is still in its infancy, its future is very bright. They are well worth the higher purchase price for their performance, smooth ride, customization, reliability, and after-sales savings. In addition, you can save right away since you won't need gasoline, extensive maintenance labor, or parts.

It's Time to Buy an Electric Motorbike

With electric motorcycles, you can actually break even in just a few years, saving on maintenance costs alone. This is impossible with traditional bikes. When you factor in the warranty provided by the dealer, the value for money keeps rising. Nothing is better than getting value for your hard-earned cash, and switching to an electric motorcycle will do just that.

Post time: Nov-26-2022